A Dental Bridge Can Improve Your Smile in These Ways

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If you have one or multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, it’s time to review your options for tooth replacement. If needed, our dentist can replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge, which is a custom-made dental appliance that fuses replacement teeth between two dental crowns that anchor to the neighboring teeth. The placement of the dental bridge allows our dental team to complete your smile.

To help you determine if you would benefit from receiving a dental bridge, our team has provided a list of the many ways dental bridges enhance your smile:

– Dental bridges repair your smile by replacing your missing teeth.

– Dental bridges improve your facial features by preventing them from changing and sagging after they have lost tooth support.

– Dental bridges strengthen your bite force when they replace teeth, which helps you to bite into and chew the foods you love.

– Dental bridges can improve your ability to talk properly by helping you to enunciate clearly.

– Dental bridges fill empty spaces that would otherwise allow the surrounding natural teeth to drift and change your bite alignment. This could result in the need for orthodontic correction later on.

For more information about the benefits of dental bridges in Westminster, Colorado, and to determine if this dental appliance is right for your smile, please call Lighthouse Dental at 303-657-9000 today and schedule a consultation. Dr. Greg Sefcik, Dr. Stanley Samuel, Dr. Garry Van Ganeren, Dr. Cory Andrews, and Dr. Alan Andrews would love to hear from you!