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The most common oral ailments that can arise due to poor oral hygiene or lifestyle habits are cavities. Cavities exist when there are holes in your tooth enamel. These are typically caused by dental erosion or oral accidents. However, there are numerous things you can do to help prevent cavities in your day-to-day life.  Ask yourself the following questions:

– Do you always make sure to brush your teeth at least twice per day?

– Are you flossing between your teeth with an approved interdental cleaning tool?

– Are you eating a healthy diet filled with the enamel-building minerals?

– Are you visiting your dentist for routine professional cleanings and oral healthcare treatments?

– Do you always make sure to use mouthwash or similar cleaning tool to keep your smile safe from plaque buildup?

– Have you ever tried using sugarless chewing gum to help neutralize acids in your mouth?

– Are you aware of the importance of avoiding sticky foods, as they can linger in your mouth and create cavities?

For the aid of a dentist in Westminster, Colorado, we can be reached at 303-657-9000 . Whichever cavity prevention services are needed to complete your smile, our team here at Lighthouse Dental are committed to providing you the treatments you need. Our dedicated dentists, Dr. Greg Sefcik, Dr. Stanley Samuel, Dr. Garry Van Ganeren, Dr. Cory Andrews, and Dr. Alan Andrews are here for your smile!